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Connecting Kids With Nature

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Why is it important for kids and families to connect with nature?

        Nature helps kids 


  • stimulate their senses

  • grow and thrive in the world

  • know, love and care for the natural world

  • be more self-disciplined and focused

  • become more self-confident and co-operative

  • develop their leadership abilities

  • become more optimistic

  • explore, discover, imagine and create

  • problem solve

  • develop great physical activity habits for life

  • learn how time in nature can help them slow down and de-stress

  • realise that time in nature can be way more exciting than electronic devices




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          As parents you will


  • learn to know and understand your children on a deeper level 

  • have lots of fun with your kids


  • meet other nature-loving families 


  • help strengthen your community 


  • nurture strong and meaningful bonds with your kids 


  • make amazing family memories 


  • improve your own mental well being 


  • rediscover the many benefits of reconnecting with nature yourself

                      OUT AND ABOUT                                                                 

Out and About promotes families being active outdoors in nature.

  • We promote events and activities that encourage children to interact with nature through play.

  • We encourage children to accept stewardship of their environment by caring for plants and animals and by reducing the impact of plastics and other pollutants.

  • Please encourage your children to respect the bush and wildlife, and remember: ‘Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs.’

  • Get out and have fun (yes adults you too)!

DISCLAIMER: Out and About accepts no liability for any injury, loss, or damage arising from any cause whatsoever as a result of participation in activities.

Out and About is non profit and has no commercial affiliations.

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