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Point Walter Sand Bar

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Another magnificent Autumn Day and we went to Point Walter Reserve to have a go at Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). The cool water was an added incentive not to fall off! There are a few companies that hire SUP boards here starting at around $25/hour. It is also an easy place to unload if you have your own.

As beginners we were advised to paddle to the right of the jetty but discovered there was quite a bit of wash here from power boats passing by. The left side of the jetty looked calmer and may have been a better choice.

There is plenty of parking here and there were families spread out over the grassy foreshore area while the kids paddled, kayaked or just splashed around. Lots of kids were fishing off the jetty. There are several toilet and change room facilities as well as a dine in cafe and a takeaway hot/cold drink and ice cream counter.

After the paddle board adventure we wandered along the sand bar Dyoondalup/Dyundalup, a word that means “Place of Long Flowing White Hair. The sand bar extends almost half way across the river and is shallow enough to walk across quite safely. Along the way we saw lots of little fish, a blowfish, a few jellyfish (watch for their shadow as they are clear and hard to see) loads of shells some of which were inhabited by crabs! There were plenty of Maali (black swans) feeding in the water as well. The water was much warmer here in the shallows and quite pleasant to wade through.

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