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Jenna Biddi Yorga Walk Blackwall Reach

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

On a stunning Spring day we set out from Point Walter Reserve after a delicious breakfast at Walters River Cafe. Although this walk is called the Jenna Biddi Yorga Walk we didn't see any signposts with this name on it. We crossed Point Walter Road onto the paved dual use path heading to Bicton Baths. There is also a flat unpaved pathway and as this seemed to run parallel to the paved path we decided to take this, opting to get out of the way of the bikes using the dual use path.

The unpaved path was quite flat and we could see glimpses of the Swan River as we wandered along. There were a few intersecting paths and also sidetracks back to the main paved pathway.

At the very beginning of our walk we saw a bird's hide up in the tree and as we were looking up a parrot popped it's head out of a hole a little lower down. It flew off and another head popped out. A great start to our walk as we were noticing what was around us in the natural environment, connecting to nature.

After a little while we came out of the bush and followed the footpath along the river beaches on Blackwall Reach Road. It was hard to know whether to look at the stunning homes or out on to the water where families were arriving ready to play with paddle boards, sailboats or simply buckets and spades.

After about 30 minutes walking we reached Bicton Baths and wandered out onto the jetty, which used to be part of the old quarantine station. We strolled around the jetty and had a peek at the swimming pool before wandering on. After a while we realised we were approaching a dead end so asked a local if we were heading in the right direction for Leeuwin Barracks. He said we could continue around the waters edge as it was low tide and we would be able to cross the rocky edge of the bay. So we continued on - walking over some sandy beaches and crossing a short rocky area before coming out at the Scout Hall where we climbed the steps back up on to the road coming out onto Preston Point Road. We turned around at the intersection of Wauhop Road where a signpost stated that Point Walter was a 4km walk back the way we had come and Fremantle was 4.4 km the other way. We decided to leave the walk between this point and Fremantle for another day. The walk from Bicton Baths had taken about 30 minutes. We returned to Point Walter via the footpath which being higher gave us stunning views over Blackwall Reach and up river towards Point Walter with the city skyscrapers peeking up behind them.

Above Bicton Baths we took the windy path back down to the waters edge (this is where we should have gone up on the way but missed it as we were exploring the jettys) heading back along Blackwall Reach enjoying the water views. When we came back to the bushland we chose to follow the dual use pathway this time as there were fewer bikes about. Unlike the unpaved path which had been relatively flat the dual use path had a few gentle hills to make us feel like we were doing some exercise! Our return walk to Point Walter took about an hour so all up we walked for around 2 hours. Feeling a little hot and thirsty we found some grass and had a refreshing icecream from the cafe while we took in the amazing panoramic views of the Swan River and enjoyed watching the paddle boarders and jet skis. We took our shoes off and wandered along the river beach looking at all the amazing shells and plants. One sharp eyed little one noticed a crab washed up on the shore so we placed it back into the water hoping it was able to survive and swim off to a safer place.

Point Walter is a fantastic place for picnics as it has toilets and loads of grassy areas, either on the riverfront or up on the hill behind. There are a couple of playgrounds but the shallow water's edge provides plenty of entertainment for the kids. The sandbar is a fabulous experience to walk along when the tides are right.

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