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Star Swamp Bushland Reserve

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I did this walk as part of another Wildflower Society WA guided walk. We met at the Henderson Environment Centre and had a quick look at their informative displays before heading off on our walk at 8am. It was a really hot day and I found after about 20 minutes stopping to look at various plants and insects I was too hot so I wandered ahead. Map in hand I followed the limestone firebreak completing the loop in an anticlockwise direction and finishing on the Heritage Trail which passes by Star Swamp. There are a number of alternative walks in Star Swamp Reserve.

Star Swamp had very little water in it (December) so it was a bit disappointing. The Heritage trail was interesting as it marks ten sites including old drover's stock routes, aboriginal camps, camel quarantine areas and a 10th Light Horse Division camp. Of course nothing remains except the signage to point out the location and sadly many of the signs had been graffiti-ed and were almost illegible.

The walk took about an hour to complete. In the spring when the wildflowers are out would be the best time to visit this area.

If you like to look more closely at nature I would recommend the Wildflower walk as our guide, David, did point out some very interesting facts about plants including Jacksonias, Mulla Mulla, Yellow Banksia, Fringe Lilys and my favourite the Acacia Cyclops. I particularly liked his story about the day he saw a dugite coming out of it's hole in a dead tree and the ensuing altercation between the snake and a hungry bird! We were lucky enough to see a quenda dashing away into the bush from near the path but it was so quick all I saw was a cat sized brown furry animal disappearing into the bush. Luckily David identified it as a quenda or I would be no wiser about it's identity.

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