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Perth City Farm

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Perth City Farm advertises environmentally friendly events and also hosts weddings and other events but the reason we went along was for the Saturday morning fresh produce market and to investigate the recycling station.

Perth City Farm sits right alongside the railway tracks at Claisebrook Station so is easily accessible from the train. Yellow CAT buses also stop at Perth City Farm. On the weekend there is ample parking available at the car park on Royal Street however fees do apply. We parked for free on nearby Fielder Street and walked the extra few hundred metres past the TAFE buildings.

The produce at Perth City Farm is all organic so it is a bit pricey. Prices are listed per kilo so buyer beware. For example cauliflowers were $10 a kilo! The Markets are colourful with mosaic benches and painted floors and walls. As well as fresh produce they sell plants and other environmentally friendly products. I found some fully biodegradable cling wrap at $11 a pack!

There is a coffee shop which was doing a roaring trade in coffees and breakfast! Alongside there is a dirt patch under a tree with Tonka trucks to keep the kids entertained for a little while.

Behind the markets is the actual farm which is fabulous to wander through to see the different vegetables growing. There are lots of herbs and the kids can have a taste as they walk past. There are orange and other fruit trees. Most of it is labelled so you can talk about what is growing.

There is a chook house (a larger one is currently being developed) and a large decorative fountain. If you don't grow your own vegetables or herbs at home this is a great way to show kids where our food comes from.

Tucked away by the toilets is the recycling hub and as you will see from the photos there is information about everything. This is a great place to recycle those odd items (like makeup packaging) that you might otherwise put into your landfill bin. I found this part very interesting and inspiring!

Perth City Farm have a list of all the Perth suburbs cross referenced to a colour coded poster advising what residents of different councils can put into their two or three bins for kerbside collection.

I know I will be saving my odds and sods recycling to take to this hub every now and then.

We combined the Perth City Farm visit with exploring the Claisebrook Cove Art Trail

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