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Stage 33 Nature Playground Wellard

This small local playground in suburban Wellard is set amongst mature shady trees. The play areas are built around existing tree trunks, logs and rocks interspersed with metal cubby frames, tyres, concrete tunnels and softfall.

The whole playground is set in a deep soft mulch which was a little heavy to wade through but the kids will love it although I would hesitate to wheel a pram through it. Children could crawl or toddle through the mulch bare foot for a sensory experience.

The low level play equipment is ideal for younger children. Alongside the playground is a small grassed area with mini football posts turning it into a perfect footy pitch!

There is some seating in the playground as well as lots of rocks and logs to perch on. There is a picnic bench, barbecue and water fountain but no toilets as this is designed as a neighbourhood park. Wellard Station is only a short drive away. Parking is limited and there are only a few bays on the street but street parking is possible as this is a quiet park tucked away in the suburb.

I love the way that they have left the massive trunk of a tree and centred the playspace around this as a reminder of what this area looked like before we came along and changed the environment.

You can also visit Wellard Park, Wellard Skate Park and Bulrush Park nearby.

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