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Booyeembara Park - White Gum Valley

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

After exploring South Fremantle in search of urban street art there were two more locations on South Street in White Gum Valley so we decided to explore Booyeembara Park and then wander through White Gum Valley to South Street to look for the art. Booyeembara Park was lovely but we equally enjoyed wandering through the streets of White Gum Valley which was full of whimsical surprises including Valley Park and the White Gum Valley Community Orchard.

We entered Booyeembara Park from the main entrance on the corner of Stevens Street and Montreal Street. There is signage here detailing the history of the park's transformation from a former quarry and landfill site and further plaques acknowledging the significance of the area as an important part of the Whadjuk dreamtime story for the Noongar people, who considered this limestone hill to be one of the seven sisters of Walyulup (Fremantle). From here a paved path winds down into the main park area.

Booyeembara Park covers 16 hectares and includes a nature playground, climbing frame, 5 way swing, musical play, great cubby making opportunities in the bush areas, an olive grove, a stunning lake and wetland and a network of both paved and unpaved trails ideal for walking and cycling. There are picnic facilities, adult fitness equipment and a public toilet next to Montreal Skate Park on Montreal Street. Car parking bays are available on Montreal Street.

The paved path forms a large figure 8 looping around the lake and the smaller wetlands area and is perfect for kids to ride their bikes or scooters around. The landscaping around the lake looks as though it has great potential for wildflower season. The lake is the centrepiece of the park and there are several benches for you to sit and take in the beautiful serenity.

As you descend the winding path from the entry to the lake you pass through some timelines, inspired by the cycles of layering, folding and eroding over time on the coastal plain. The limestone and earth walls conceal and reveal shells, fish skeletons and plant material. They have shells and shell imprints embedded into them and are the work of local students.

As you follow the the paved path around the lake you come to the centre of the figure 8 and the Commemorative Rock, which honours the long and testing struggle of Jean Elizabeth Collard, Lorna Hume and Ivan Yarran, who fought for recognition, unity and justice for the Aboriginal people. The smaller loop then winds around the small wetlands area on the eastern edge of the park.

If you have the time go for a wander through the streets of White Gum Valley to discover some quirky front yards and some unique little parks.

If you enjoyed this blog head to the Out and About Family Nature Connection blog at to read more about my adventures.

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