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Scarborough Trigg Heritage Trail

Updated: Apr 11

This Heritage Trail consists of three different loops around the Scarborough and Trigg Coastline, extending into Trigg Bushland. Each loop can be walked in isolation or combined, as we did, into a 7.5km (2 Hour) walk. Although there are some heritage markers along the way this is really just a combination coast/bush walk starting from the Scarborough beachfront so don't let the "Heritage Trail" put you off trying this lovely walk. We started from the carpark near Trigg Surf Lifesaving Club as there is lots of parking, toilets and Island Market if you need a coffee or a meal, however you can start from a number of points along the way. The actual starting point (1) is on the Scarborough Beach Foreshore.


Trigg Coastal Loop - Blue Loop 2.9km or 3.9km (1 Hour)

This popular loop heads north from the northern end of the Scarborough coastal carparks and follows the coastal path north towards Trigg. Be aware this is mostly a shared use path and some cyclists travel quite fast! After a short section along West Coast Highway the trail diverts to Bindi's Lookout. The trail follows the sandy path (Sutcliff Lane) to the beach where you walk for about 250m to the next access pathway which emerges near the underpass that will take you into Trigg Bushland for the Bushland Loop. Alternatively you can keep following the coastal path along West Coast Highway before turning west at the bottom end of the Trigg carparks where the trail follows the coast emerging at Trigg Surf Club. You could also continue walking along the beach.

From Trigg Surf Club we walked north along the coastal path, passing Trigg Island then looping around Clarko Reserve before heading south along West Coast Drive (not to be confused with the much busier West Coast Highway nearby). Clarko Reserve has a traditional playground and picnic facilities making it a nice place for a picnic and play after you have walked the trail.

Adjacent to the carpark south of Trigg Surf Lifesaving Club the trail heads east off West Coast Drive (not Highway) into Trigg Bushland. If you do not wish to walk this bush section return along the coastal path or walk along the beach heading south to Scarborough.


Trigg Bushland Loop - Green Loop 3.2km (1 Hour)

Opposite the car park south of Trigg Surf Lifesaving Club is a large Heritage Trail sign marking access to the Bushland Loop Trail. The trail begins with a rather steep hill climb but you are rewarded with coastal views. The trail continues through coastal shrubland behind some properties before crossing underneath West Coast Highway via an underpass, emerging at St Mary's Anglican School on Elliott Road. There are some rather degraded directional signs for the Heritage Trail but I wouldn't rely on them!

After you cross Elliott Road the trail takes you through beautiful woodlands. The path follows the line of West Coast Highway for a little while so is a little noisy but you can still hear the birds. There are a few intersecting trails but stay alongside the highway until you see signs for the Cottage Ruins. You can wander down to have a look but it is only two graffitied water tanks.

Continue along the trail which is hard packed limestone on the slopes (presumably to avoid erosion but it does make it non-slip) with sandier patches on the flat sections. The trail is wide enough to walk several abreast. Theses trails are popular with dog walkers and dogs are mostly on lead as this bushland is snake habitat. These trails are quite hilly but you are rewarded with lovely coastal views across to Rottnest at the high points. Although we walked in September - peak wildflower season - there were very few flowers compared to other bush areas so it is not the spot to go wildflower spotting.

When you emerge from the bush at Bournemouth Parade turn right and head down the path under the underpass to the west side of the highway where you will join the Trigg Coastal Loop.

Should you wish to extend this walk there are numerous trails within Trigg Bushland that loop around north and south of Elliott Road.


Scarborough Coastal Loop - Red Loop 1.2km (45 min)

Also the Scarborough Public Art Trail

The Heritage Trail starts on the Scarborough Foreshore at the Time Capsule, buried in 1999 and due to be unearthed in 2099. The trail loops along the Scarborough Foreshore on both the upper and lower walkways, passing the Scarborough Amphitheatre where you will find the Watch over you statues and you could even walk a section south along the beautiful beach....

coming up from the beach you pass the memorial to 6 people who drowned in 1916, a tragedy which resulted in local beach patrols and led to the formation of the Scarborough Life Saving Club in 1928. Walk around the Ethereal Welcome Hand statue which represents the Nyoongar custom of visitors casting a handful of sand into the water to show respect to an area, introduce themselves, and welcome spirits, ancestors and the Waugal to the water. Climb the stairs between Scarborough Pool and the Surf Life Saving Club to the upper level.

Head north along the top footpath to the clock and then walk under Weaving of Stories, brightly-coloured shade sails representing the colours of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. The artist has designed the panels to be ‘stitched’ together, to show the ‘weaving’ of stories and cultures.

Pass The Snake Pit skate park and climbing wall and head up Sunset Hill for views across the ocean.

From Sunset Hill you will see the massive whale skeleton which forms the Whale Playground before heading further north past the exercise stations to the northern end of the car park where the path heads up the hill towards Trigg Beach for the Trigg Coastal Loop section.

We actually followed our Scarborough Public Art Trail Map in Scarborough itself as it covered the same area as the Heritage Trail. Along the way we discovered the Tjunta Art Trail which is part of the public art on display. The trail depicts the story of missing children who wandered from their families and how Tjunta, a good spirit woman and carer and minder of children, was called upon to help find them and keep them safe from harm. There is a map inscribed on the information plaques which also translates each part of the 5 part story as told in the artwork.

Scarborough has lots of places to get food or a coffee so why not grab a snack and watch the kids play on the Whale Playground...


or at the Skate Park and Climbing Wall while you enjoy your coffee.

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In the spirit of reconciliation Out and About- Family Nature Connection acknowledges the traditional owners of the Wadjak boodjar (Perth land) and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

As always when hiking in the bush please help to reduce the spread of Phytophthora Dieback by sticking to the tracks and paths, staying out of quarantined areas and, if possible, clean your shoes before and after hiking.

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