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Tree Trail 2020 - Dianella

The City of Stirling has run their Tree Trail event for several years now. This year the event was delayed from it's usual April dates to the September school holidays due to COVID 19. The free 2020 event was held at the Dianella Regional Open Space. The theme from year to year is the same, focusing on educating kids about the bush and the different varieties of trees and how they work together in the ecosystem, yet each year's event is refreshingly different.

In line with COVID precautions the 2020 event had hand sanitiser available at the beginning of the trail. While there is a beginning point the trail loops around so you can join at any point.

The trail has numbered information panels which give details about particular trees or habitats and each panel has a unique letter. As you follow the trail these letters form a sentence and older kids will delight in solving the mystery!

Some of the stations are interactive or feature artworks.

As you navigate the trail through different sections of bush the signs explain what is going on above the ground....

and below the ground.

The Tree Trail at Dianella Regional Open Space looped through bush on a flat (mostly) paved pathway with a mid trail stop at the playground where there are toilet and picnic facilities, before continuing on, covering 1.4km in total. The trail was not a true loop as there was a short section between the beginning and the end which traversed flat bush without paved pathways. We took around an hour to complete the trail.

The Tree Trail is open all day however additional nature and indigenous activities take place in the morning to add to the experience. This is a truly wonderful free school holiday experience that provides kids connection with nature in a creative and engaging way.

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