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The Secrets of Careniup Wetlands

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Shhh let's keep it a secret! The Secret Garden is part of the Careniup Wetlands. We parked in the very small and partially hidden carpark at the corner of Careniup Avenue and Warrener Gardens. From here it is a very short walk into the actual Secret Gardens and you are met by an eerie green wonderland of vine clad trees and bushes.

If you turn right and follow the winding paths you pass by wetlands with lots of birdlife.

I thought this was a crocodile head for a moment but it turned out to be an upside down shoe! Must have got stuck in the mud. If this happens to you please retrieve the shoe as the wildlife might think it is food if left behind.

This is a dead end so you will have to turn around and head back to the entrance. At the entrance you can cross over the log bridges into the main garden.

Look up as you cross as you will see the heart on the tree perfectly framed by the archway.

As you wander through the garden you will come across many a dead end but turning around and going the other way reveals new delights along the way. This is not really a garden for the kids to run around in but rather to take their time looking around and exploring. Even in mid summer there were deep (very deep) pockets of mud everywhere so you need to take care where you are placing your feet. Sometimes you have to clamber over logs to get to the other side and this is all part of the adventure!

Head back over the log crossing back to the entrance. Facing the gardens turn left following along the water for a little while before coming to a dead end.

If you retrace your steps a little and turn onto the paths you will end up in the bamboo forest.

The paths wind their way through thick strands of bamboo forming an interesting maze for the kids to explore.

It looks like the neighbourhood kids have spent a long time building this cubby so please respect it.

Likewise the bamboo barricade which has probably seen many a battle!

Once you emerge from the bamboo forest follow the waters edge heading south adjacent to Careniup Road. There is plenty of birdlife out on the water to capture your attention and there is a lookout along the way if you want a closer look.

There is a small playground along the way as you head further south. At the bottom of the park area you can turn around and return the same way or complete a loop which will take you through the park on the opposite side but also includes walking along some suburban footpaths.

To complete the loop follow Grimwood Avenue until you hit the roundabout then turn right and cross the bridge. Follow the footpath through the park with the wetlands to your right. When you get to Grassbird Parade you will have to divert left to follow streets for a short while. Follow Grassbird Parade to the end and turn right at Swiftlet Way. Follow Swiftlet Way to the end (around the 90 degree turn) and turn right onto North Beach Road at the Flower Shed. Continue along North Beach Road past the Karrinyup Small Animal Hospital, turning right into Carslake Road. At the turn in this road head back into the park looping around the top of the wetlands and back to the carpark area.

This walk took us about an hour to complete including wandering around exploring the Secret Garden and we covered about 4km.

Please keep in mind that the Secret Garden is often used by professional photographers for photo shoots.

Please respect the Secret Garden by keeping to the trails and taking only photos. No dogs are allowed as this is a sensitive wetland. Remember wetlands are home to snakes!

I think that visiting this garden in different seasons would be very interesting but gumboots might be needed and access might be restricted in the wetter months.


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