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Broadbeach Park Hillarys

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

This park is a great place to go to for a play on the playground but also provides an opportunity for a lovely walk through the green zone and back or alternatively if you are game to cross busy Whitfords Avenue you can return via the beach itself or the beach dual use path.

Broadbeach Park is on Broadbeach Boulevard in Hillarys and there is limited kerbside parking on Waterston Gardens on the eastern side of the park.

Initially I set off on the paved path on the outside of the park and this led me down through the green link towards Flinders Park. Flinders Park is a large soccer playing field and has a small playground on it's southern end near the clubrooms. I continued on walking between the two lakes at the bottom of the park and then headed west along Flinders Avenue crossing Whitfords Avenue and heading towards the beach through the Animal Exercise area carpark.

Here you could choose to access the beach (with or without animals in tow) or find the dual use path as I did and head north. There are signs of significant dune drift along this path as you can see where the sand has covered the fence line. It is quite a dramatic and pretty dunescape!

Further along the path you come out at Pinnaroo Point. There is a small park here with additional parking and a change room/toilet. From here I continued along the path but this section isn't very exciting so a walk along the actual beach might have been more interesting. I took the first pathway to the left and came out just below the Northshore Drive roundabout. If you were walking along the beach it would also be your first exit path on your left.

I walked a little way south before crossing over Whitfords Avenue and walking up the stone walkway shortcutting through Clearwater Place and back to Broadbeach Boulevard at Broadbeach Park.

It was here I discovered the truly beautiful nature of this park with paths around the lake and then onto an "island" with beautiful stands of trees. The lake had several fountains so the sound of splashing water melded with that of the ducks. On the "island" there is a barbecue and a lovely long table with bench seating. Looping around I came back out to the playground which also has a barbecue.

The playground has a nautical theme but what sets it apart is the zipline.

There are no toilets in the park and the water is unfenced so you would need to take care with little ones. The paths were mostly flat and paved so would be excellent for bikes or scooters.

The walk through the parks and along the beach took about an hour but would take longer with stops to play along the way. There is enough to do to make this a great morning or afternoon out exploring with a picnic at the playground either end.


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