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The Giant Park Bushmead

Bushmead is a new development built on the old Commonwealth owned rifle range.

It features The Giant Playground, Rushmore Green Toddler Playground and the Kadina Bush Trail which has been developed in conjunction with Nature Play WA and features as one of the trails on their app.


This playground takes advantage of mature trees for shade and has lots open green space surrounding it. The playground is designed around three giants: Snottygobble, Argyle and Ruger. The kid's challenge is to locate the three giants within the playground as they are disguised as play equipment. We found Argyle....can you work it out?

There are picnic benches and barbecues here and lots of open green spaces but no toilets.


This small playground is designed for toddlers. There are picnic benches and barbecues and some grassed areas for older kids to play. Rushmore Green is within walking distance of The Giant Park on Leeuwin Boulevard, Bushmead.


This Bush Trail has been developed with Nature Play WA and features as a Trail on their app. The full trail is 4km but the Nature Play Trail is only 1.75km. Although the app shows various landmarks on the trail there are no physical landmarks except at the site of the Poison Gully Train Crash. We didn't do the entire trail and would have been happy enough to head left on the paved path from the access at The Giant Park heading towards the Poison Gully Train Crash site and then returning on the parallel dirt path. Much of the bush area is fenced off so walking through feels a bit confined.

We did spot a bobtail and a mummy duck and some ducklings at Poison Gully (with the water starting to dry up the smell was a clue as to why this might have been called Poison Gully!)

If you are heading to the hills The Giant Park is well worth the detour and if you are here go for a short walk on the Kadina Trail .

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