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Ahoy Mateys @ S.S. Alkimos

We found ourselves shipwrecked at Alkimos recently and spent the day reading treasure maps, walking the plank and climbing the rigging. Fortunately there are barbecues, picnic benches and large grassy areas so we could to sit down, rest and enjoy our vittles (have a picnic)! The nearby Shore Cafe kept the Captain and his Missus happy with some ill gotten coffee while we kept an eye out for other pirates out to sea in the Indian Ocean behind us.

On arrival from the 21st century we found ourselves at the Aligning Stone where we could make our plan of attack on the SS. Alkimos. Looking into both of the holes will give you lots of clues to start you off.

First we headed to Shipwreck Strait.

After dodging the sharks we had to walk the plank which landed us into a whale of trouble!

Travelling the Starfish Coast we discovered where the Shore Cafe sourced their ill gotten coffee. I suspect the neighbouring Oceans 27 might offer sailors a rum or two to warm their insides.

Luckily they haven't found the tea!

After a rough ride over the wavy sea we were able to get a good night's sleep at the Beach Shack and even read some hearty sailor's tales to the local parrots.

We hurried back to Shipwreck Straight, looking through the portholes to see if there were any castaways from the Alkimos Wreck out in the Indian Ocean. These ships have been here a while as the barnacles are big enough to climb up and word has it they glow in the dark!!

We even discovered some long lost treasure buried in the sand, not to mention some ancient seafaring equipment!

Download the Captain's Notebook here so you can complete the activities and treasure hunts hidden in and around the playground. You can also pick up a copy at the nearby Sales Office. If you have some paper and crayons tied up in your headscarf they will come in really handy!

Shorehaven's Treasure Island Adventure Playground is located on the foreshore at Shorehaven Beach in Alkimos. Parking is available however it does get busy with beach goers and patrons visiting The Shore Cafe or Oceans 27. Toilets are available in the dining precinct.

Alkimos also offers the Alkimos Interpretive Trail incorporating Bristlebird Park, Pectoral Park, the Alkimos Beach Fitness Park, Graceful Park, Bryde Park and the Alkimos Beach Bike Safety Course.

Other fabulous playgrounds include Picasso Park and the Amberton Flying Fox Park or the Amberton Beach Pirate Park.

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