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Dianella Regional Open Space

Dianella Regional Open Space has a nature based playground designed to challenge children. It includes a large area of stepped blocks, rocks and sandbags for balancing and climbing as well as a climbing wall. There are ropes, balancing beams, caves and swings alongside sand, water and mud play. The toddler playground, which is shaded in summer, has more traditional play equipment scaled down for the little ones.

The playground area has (limited) picnic tables, barbecues and toilets. It is adjacent to the large playing fields and alongside the community centre, scout hall and other sporting facilities. On non sporting days there is ample parking here with access off Light Street.

Behind the playground is a multi sport court with basketball, netball and soccer rings.

The open space includes large tracts of bushland with a 1.4km pathway winding through it. The trail is suitable for kids to ride bikes and scooters but is not uniformly paved all the way around. In Spring there are plenty of wildflowers including orchids. We walked this trail as part of the City of Stirling's 2020 Tree Trail.

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