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Fishing Boat Harbour Freo

Fishing Boat Harbour at Freo is not just about the fish and chips! The food might be the main reason you head there but don't forget to have a look around and enjoy the unique heritage the harbour has to offer. Enjoy a ride on the iconic Fremantle Tourist Wheel before stopping to take in the colourful art in the car park opposite the Shipwreck Museum. Make sure you pat Blondie the dog on your way across the railway line before posing for a photo with the giant Coast Guard statue outside Cicerello's!

Bon Scott, the frontman for AC/DC and a former Fremantle boy, is immortalised at the entrance to the harbour.

To The Fishermen - The Jetty acknowledges and pays homage to the perseverance and sheer hard work of the fishermen who began what is now a multi billion dollar industry - one that helped put Fremantle on the map! The names of 608 early migrant and pioneer fishermen are honoured on12 timber columns alongside two bronze sculptures of fishermen with their catch.

Beyond the jetty you can follow the boardwalk along the harbour's edge emerging at Little Creatures Brewery, another Fremantle icon, and a great place to finish up for a beverage, a meal or both. There is a sandpit area for kids to play while you enjoy the ambience.

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