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Hidden Gems - Rosehill Waters Estate and Noah's Playground

Updated: May 7, 2021

Rosehill Waters Estate is a new residential community set on the site of the former Rosehill Golf Course in South Guildford. We discovered this estate when we visited Noah's Playground which is situated within the development.

Entering from the west on West Road we were immediately impressed by the entrance statement gardens and pulled over to have a wander through Lockhart and Berckelman Parks. These parks are designed for local community use so there are no parking bays but you can park along the residential streets.

Lockhart Park has a small amphitheatre, basketball court and exercise equipment amongst the beautiful landscaped gardens which surround the living stream which runs through the park.

Berckelman Park includes some nature play features and large grassy areas and also has beautiful landscaped gardens with mature trees.

After wandering through these beautiful spaces we hopped back in the car for the short drive to Noah's Playground on Serpentine Drive but we could have easily walked the 500m. Again this is designed as a neighbourhood playground and although there are a few parking bays these are limited. We parked in one of the side streets.

Noah's Playground is based on Noah's Ark so the kids can have fun spotting the animals walking two by two through the playground.

The main feature of the playground has three large interconnected towers with wooden suspension bridges, climbing ropes, birds nests and a tunnel slide.

A smaller two towered structure with rope bridges is built in the shape of Noah's Ark, perfect for some imaginary play.

There is also a smaller wooden fort with a concrete slide and a climbing wall.

There is a rocky creek, sand and water play.....

a birds nest basket swing and some other swings....

and some log play elements.

The park has barbecue facilities, benches and a drinking fountain. The mature trees provide some shade over the playground and there is an open grassed area for ball games.

As all of these parks are local parks there are no toilet facilities.

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