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Highgate Art and Hyde Park.

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Highgate backs on to Mt Lawley so provides a seamless extension to the Mt Lawley Urban Art Trail. The Cloud 9 Smoke Shop provides a landmark for where Mt Lawley becomes Highgate where Harold Street intersects with Beaufort Street. The Art Trail winds it's way down Beaufort Street for about half a km to Bulwer Street.

Cloud 9 at 539 Beaufort Street has artworks by Brad Loafer. From here we crossed Beaufort Street and walked down the southern side past The Queens Hotel.

We missed some of the art along Beaufort St as some of it was inside and others are just easy to miss so keep your eyes peeled. We did find these Aboriginal Artworks outside the Aboriginal Health Service at 450 Beaufort St.

Continuing along Beaufort Street we crossed over for a closer look at St Albans Church before turning left at Lincoln Street, intrigued by a smokestack in the near distance. We discovered that the Lincoln Street Ventilation Stack, also known as Dumas' Folly, was built in 1941 as an experimental sewer vent. It was unsuccessful but remains as a heritage listing for it's Art Deco style. We then went in search of the church belonging to the beautiful golden cupolas we could see walking along Lincoln Street. A short distance up Smith St we found the Serbian Orthodox Church of St Sava. The things you discover when you are exploring on foot!

Back to Beaufort Street we headed to Bulwer Street where we walked through Birdwood Square Park crossing back to walk up Bulwer Avenue (yes...totally confusing with two intersecting streets having the similar names!) which took us past the old and new buildings of Highgate Primary School.

Walking along Lincoln and Bulwer and the other streets of Highgate it was a pleasure looking at the different styles of architecture on these beautiful older homes.

Left at Lincoln Street we crossed William Street and did a quick loop around Hyde Park as it is too beautiful to resist (and it has toilets!) You can choose to loop around one lake or do the figure of eight walk around both lakes stopping at the playgrounds for a play. Hyde Park is always a magnificent spot to walk, whatever the season.

From Hyde Park we crossed over William Street and walked up Marocchi Lane but another amazing street to walk up is Mary Street with it's overhanging canopy of trees and beautiful Sacred Heart Church and Monastery buildings.

We had previously done another urban art walk through Highgate, commencing from Hyde Park, following Mary Street and then looping back via Mereny Lane (red lines on map). Today's walk (purple line on map) was about filling in many of the gaps while revisiting these amazing artworks at the same time. When I looked it up it has taken nearly 2 years to get back! Highgate is only small so it's easy to see it all. Bear in mind that urban artworks are fluid and can change over time as they are painted over or altered.

This time we walked along Marocchi Lane to Cavendish Street and Chatsworth Street. where you come across Mereny Lane. Don't forget to explore all the side bits and around corners.

Mereny Lane runs behind Beaufort Street businesses and has artworks and graffiti covering all it's nooks and crannies. This lane was used by the night soil men to empty the outdoor toilets, some of which you can still see in the backyards.

Make sure you detour to see the Laneway Gallery art at the end of Kaadadjiny Lane.

If you didn't walk up Mary Street make a detour to walk under the trees and see the church (red line on map).

This loop trail, including a short walk in Hyde Park took us about an hour but was part of a longer walk taking in both sides of Beaufort Street finding the Mt Lawley Urban Art.

We used Streets of Perth's interactive map and picture references to plan our walk. They provide a wonderful resource if you are hunting down urban art in Perth and we have used them to create and blog other urban art trails around Perth. Search urban art on the blog page to discover more.

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