Dwerta Mia Trail Yanchep National Park

Updated: Jun 12

The Dwerta Mia Trail is a 2.1km trail through the bush and into Boomerang Gorge at Yanchep National Park. The 500m loop trail from the Henry White Oval Camping grounds and leading into Boomerang Gorge is a Universal Access pathway suitable for wheelchairs, prams and scooters.

Heading away from the lake walk past the Chocolate Drops Tea Rooms until you see the trail marker. The first part of this trail is shared with the Woodlands Trail , Caves Trail. Yanchep Rose Trail and the Cockatoo Trail. The trail crosses the road near the Koala enclosure so keep an eye out for the trail markers. The Woodlands Trail peels off to the right after a little while and then you will soon come out at Henry White Oval. The trail markers are a little hard to find here, The Caves Trail and Cockatoo Trail head off to the right away from the oval. If you cross the road towards the oval and then turn left onto the path you will soon see the trail markers for the Dwerta Mia. Continue on alongside the Camping grounds and carpark until you come to the toilet block. Before the toilets you turn right and you will see the Dwerta Mia Trail map and sign.

Boomerang Gorge is a very pretty little gorge with interesting rock formations and information plaques about the geology of the area. It is lovely and cool under the canopy of trees and in places it feels just a little bit eerie.

We were going to complete the walk on the Caves Trail but our map did not show the directions. At the end of the Boomerang Gorge Trail after climbing out of the gorge you hit a road and although there is a clear path and trail marker showing the Caves Trail heading off to the left there is no indication of where the trail is on the right, the direction we wanted to go. Even the map doesn't show the road where the trails intersect so we turned around and headed back the way we came, diverting from the trail at Henry White Oval to pass Gloucester Lodge and the Bull Banksia Oval before coming out at the Yanchep Inn.

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