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Play with the Dinosaurs Kings Park

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

May Drive Playground situated on May Drive in Kings Park is a dinosaur themed playground that will take your kids back in time. Lycopod Island is surrounded by water and as it is not fenced the playground is recommended for children 6 years and over. As the playground is quite extensive it is not always easy to keep eyes on your kids unless you follow them around.

For younger children try the Ivey Watson Playground which is designed for children under 6 or if you have both over and under 6 year olds try the nearby Variety Nature Playground.

Around Lycopod Island you can explore the strombolites from the boardwalk or get wet under the "shower" trees.

There is an elevated walkway and a fort with dinosaur themed activities between them. There are large statues of Australian mega fauna for the kids to explore and helpful information signs tell you all about these ancient animals.

There is plenty of grassed area to settle on for a picnic or you could try the Zamia Cafe. There are barbeque facilities and toilets and plenty of nearby parking (sealed or off road).

In Summer Moonlight Cinemas operates on the grassy slope behind the playground with movies screening around 7.30-8.00 pm. This was the reason for my visit hence the dark pictures as it was around 7pm when the photos were taken.

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