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Victoria Dam Trail

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

The Victoria Dam Trail is is a gentle walk through lovely bush in Korung National Park with the added interest of the dam and it's history. There were very few walkers on the day we walked the trail so we almost had the place to ourselves.

The entrance to the dam is off Mason Mill Road in Carmel. There is a small car park with additional roadside parking at the entrance gates on the road to the reservoir. On weekends when the gates are locked you will need to walk 800m along the bitumen road until you reach the second car park area with information signs about black cockatoos. Access to this car park is weekdays from 8am to 5pm. An advantage of walking the extra distance is being able to view the grave of two day old Francis Weston dating from 1876.

Here you pick up the track winding through lovely bush to a lookout area overlooking the Victoria Reservoir and the new dam. There are lovely views of the reservoir, the dam and the Bickley Valley with Perth in the distance.

Take the steps down to the dam walk across the new dam wall for great views. Follow the bitumen road down the hill. You will pass the toilet block and a picnic area on your left. There is a grassed area which sits below the dam wall which is popular with bird watchers as it is frequented by feeding birds.Turn left off the road to the remnant of the old dam wall. There are information displays on the wall.

Take some time to explore the old dam wall and read up about the history of Perth's first public water supply. There are some landscaped gardens around here so it is a great spot to have a rest.

From the old dam wall follow the trail to Bickley Reservoir. A narrow trail winds through the bush for a little while before coming out onto a dirt road. We continued along the dirt road for a little while past an old information area and then a few hundred meters further on before turning around to retrace our steps. This walk was about 6km and took a couple of hours at a leisurely place. Most of the walk is fairly easy but the tracks are narrow (two abreast) in places and there are some inclines and of course the stairs.

Looking at maps later we realised we could have continued along this track and corssed the creek at the old and new bridges before looping back around to the entrance carpark following part of the Mason and Bird Heritage Trail. As we did not know about this we returned the way we came so next time we will explore the loop trail or even keep going to Bickley Reservoir and return.

Please note that to help reduce the spread of Phytophthora Dieback along this walk trail and in the surrounding area:

  • Don’t spread soil or mud around bushland, in particular during spring & autumn;

  • Stick to tracks & paths;

Observe signage in your local bushland reserve and stay out of quarantined areas in bushland.

Click here for map of trail.

After our walk we headed a short distance down the road to Masonmill Gardens for a cuppa and to explore their beautiful gardens and mini golf. Separate blog to follow.

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