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Claremont Meanders

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

There are four Claremont Meanders: Glimpsing the Past trails exploring the heritage and history of Claremont.

There are very detailed maps on each walk which can be read in conjunction with historical notes. I set out on several occasions to follow these maps but found there was just too much information and detail on them. Many of the sites on the map are no longer in existence and reading the illustrated map doesn’t differentiate the historical and current sites. In the end I printed out a Google map of Claremont, noted the existing sites by carefully reading the trail maps in conjunction with the historical notes and mapped out my own trail. I was still able to read the historical background of the sites along the way and this proved to be a much more efficient way of meandering around Claremont.

The Cobblers and Convicts Trail has a seperate blog as it covers a large amount of heritage buildings.

You can park in the Claremont shopping precinct or on weekends there is free all day parking available along Bay View Terrace, which is nicely shaded.

Trail of Memories – Yellow

The Trail of Memories starts at Claremont Railway Station before winding along the streets between Gugeri Street and Stirling Highway passing fine examples of Federation Homes. Follow Melville Street and College Road past St Thomas’ Church and Wyandra, a family home built in 1906 but later converted to be a tuberculosis preventorium. At Chancellor Street head towards the railway line, crossing underneath and skirting the Royal Agricultural Show Grounds on Ashton and Second Streets. Turn right at Lakeway off Graylands Road and follow the eastern edge of Lake Claremont for a short while. Stop for a play at the nature playground before taking Lapsley Road past the Claremont Golf Course (toilets and cafe here!). Turn onto Davies Road past Claremont Aquatic Centre and the Claremont Football Club. Detour left along Shenton Road to enjoy the elaborate murals and the restored Goods Shed before crossing back over the railway line to Claremont Station.

Rediscovering the Terrace - Red

The Rediscovering the Terrace Trail starts at the historic Claremont Train Station, takes in the Post Office and the Claremont Hotel before heading down the Bay View Terrace Shopping Strip towards the Town Hall. The influence of the railway station played an important part in the settlement of Claremont, encouraging investment in the area and the expansion of its commercial heart. Early advertisements marketed Claremont as ‘the Toorak of Perth’ and its close proximity to the railway line was touted as a major attraction.

The Yargine (Turtle) Track - Blue

We parked at the Stirling Road car park at the southern tip of Lake Claremont. The Yargine Track follows the western edge of Lake Claremont to Devon Road but you can also circumnavigate Lake Claremont in an anti-clockwise direction first before diverting from the lake trail at Devon Road. As you walk around the lake you can picture the swamps and market gardens that used to be here. Follow Devon Road past the old Drive In Theatre site until you get to Hatchett Park. This community park has been created on the footprint of the old Swanbourne Primary School site (1921) and has retained the original steps, foundations and entrance portico. From the entrance portico follow Derby Road south to Shenton Road and turn left passing the old vet/stables. Detour down Saladin Street to number 11, a weatherboard house once home to John Oldham. Head back up to Shenton Road and perhaps stop for a coffee at Choux Cafe. Cross Shenton Road at Australind Street and explore heritage listed Barrett's House at Scotch College. Cross back over Shenton Road and backtrack to Central Road (opposite Australind). Turn right into Saunders Street to discover ANZAC Cottage built by the Ugly Mens Association in 1917. From here turn right at Wright Avenue and left at Shenton Road. Follow Shenton Road back to Stirling Road car park and playground to complete your loop. If you didn't walk all the way around the lake backtrack up to the bird hide on the western side of the lake or alternatively head back to the nature playground and toilet facilities on the east side. For the full blog on the Lake Claremont circuit head to

As we walked these trails in different sections I can only estimate the time taken to do each trail. The Trail of Memories could take 60-90 minutes. The Rediscovering the Past Trail is about 30 minutes and can easily be combined with another trail. The Yargine Track with the short section of Lake Claremont would take about 45 minutes - add 30 minutes to walk around the whole Lake. Toilet facilities are located in the Claremont Shopping Precinct, in the park at the Town Hall or at the Claremont Golf Club. There is a water refill station at the Stirling Street carpark next to Lake Claremont.

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