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Art Trail - Perth City

Within Perth City are numerous public art works reflecting the city's identity, both past and present. This trail includes a small sample or public art works between the CBD and Northbridge. The self guided trail will take up to two hours and you can join or depart the trail anywhere along the way. The city's free CAT buses intersect the route at various points.

This Art Trail has now been superseded by a new trail. Brochures and maps for the new trail can be picked up from the icity kiosk in Forrest Place.

A great place to start is Forrest Chase as you can easily access this point from metropolitan train lines.

1. Two Fighting Snakes @ Forrest Place - translated from a dot painting the mosaic is constructed using 17,000 pieces of red, black, yellow and white granite.

2. Water Labyrinth @ Forrest Place - an interactive water sculpture shooting jets of water into the air creating 9 rooms which disappear as quickly as they emerge. A great place for the kids to cool off after walking the trail.

3. Grow Your Own @ Forrest Place - locals call it the cactus and it is a great place to meet people.

4. Border Wall @ Roe Street at the end of Bury St, Norhtbridge -the artist used horses and script traced from his grandmother's recipe books as background.

5. Perth Cultural Centre @ James St Northbridge - Perth's creative centre houses the Art Gallery.

6. Gate 2: Coalesce @ Perth Cultural Centre Northbridge - another landmark meeting place.

7. Der Rufer (The Caller) @ Perth Cultural Centre - temporarily out of sight during construction.

8. Between 1979-1980 @ Perth Cultural Centre - located within the Urban Orchard in the Perth Cultural Centre. Take some time to wander through the Urban Otchard and learn about the plants growing here.

9. Circumvolution @ Perth Station Concourse - this one eluded me but I was looking in the station itself. If I had read the directions I would have realised it is in the arcade concourse leading to the carpark. .

10. Grand Lane and Light Lockers @ Grand Lane - running between Wellington and Murray Streets Grand Land is covered in urban art.

11. Urban Reflections - Percy in the Mirror @ Hay Street Mall - Percy Button was a street performer during the 1930's and 1940's and would entertain the crowds on Hay St as they waited to attend the cinemas.

12.People in the City @ Hay Street near Central Park - the outlines of the "people" waiting for the traffic lights to change were traced from real people. This one also eluded me.

13. Conic Fugue (Enigma) @ QV1 building, Cnr St Georges Terrace and Milligan Street -

14. Unidentified Photographer @ Barracks Arch, Cnr St George's Tce and Elder Street -

a life size bronze figure complete with box brownie camera and a handful of photographic plates. Inside the Gladstone bag are bronze models or various trade tools of the professionals who once worked on the Terrace.

15. Untitled @ Florence Hummerston Reserve, cnr St Georges Tce and Mount St - she is no-one and everyone living and gone, a presence and a memory.

16. Going Home @ cnr St Georges Tce and Mount St intersection - 7 kangaroo silhouettes in mid flight carrrying briefcases racing back to Kings Park after a hard day at work, reflecting those that work on the Terrace.

17. Judith @18 Howard Street - a sculpture of Judith Fyfe at 9 years old who lived at this address in 1936.

18. Gumnut Babies @ Stirling Gardens - based on the characters Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie created by May Gibbs in the 1930s. Set in the beautiful Stirling Gardens, an oasis in the busy city.

19. Kangaroos @ Council House St George's Terrace - life size bronze kangaroos going about their daily business.

It is nice to get up close to these art pieces, many of which you might pass on a regular basis without really seeing them and understanding what they represent. And of course wandering the city on foot always presents many other delightful discoveries!

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