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Murals and Street Art in Perth CBD

Updated: Apr 11

There are a couple of hot spots for street art in Perth CBD and while we were exploring these we also ducked down various other alleyways and back lanes to see if we could discover more and were delighted with some of our off the grid finds. This has been a blog many months in the making as we had to return a few times to take in areas or artworks which we had previously missed. The very nature of street or urban art means the trails are very fluid as artworks fade, are demolished, painted over or new artworks appear in new locations. The artworks featured here were current at the time of writing but will change and that is half the fun of exploring the trail. With regulations now requiring public art in new buildings there is an increasing number of works to discover and this will only increase as time goes on. Happy exploring!

Globe Lane, Railway Lane and140 William

Globe Lane and Railway Lane provide access between William Street and Murray Street Mall through 140 William. They feature a number of stunning murals including Bird by Phibs and 140 William by Kyle Hughes-Odgers and also have lots of fabulous places to stop for a coffee, drink or meal.

Grand Lane (Grand Theatre Lane)

Mr Dog and the green haired lady lead you from Murray Street Mall into Grand Lane where you will find the quirky red characters of Timothy Rollin alongside Owls, Toastface Grillah and other works by Hosae, the green monster and skull, the We Love Perth Swan and other art adorning the laneway walls.

Murray Street

At the Cuban Boxing Club (144 Murray Street) you will find the now faded Neon Lady and other Straker murals, Boxer by Yoyo and Wolf by KEOS.

At Raine Square look for the massive Jerome Davenport mural of Mary Raine. Further along are the four Eko Nugroho murals on the old electric substation at 333 Murray Street, then the Straker flamingo, bee murals and across Milligan Street at 475 Murray Street the beautiful kaleidoscope style mural Curiot by Perth artist Ian Williams.

Barrack Street

Exploring some side passages we found some murals and Barrack Street also has some pretty planter boxes. In the State Buildings head downstairs to find the smoking baby by Alex Face in Long Chim which also has other colourful artworks.

McLean Lane

This quirky laneway is a little out of the way but features some colourful murals and some heritage advertising.

Pier Street

Newly redeveloped as Kaal Yimniny this area has heritage buildings and laneways hiding some older Straker murals and a brand new statue Cygna.

Hay Street and Perth City Library

From the female muse by Rone on the wall at Hibernian Place, pass colourful planter boxes to Perth City Library which features the detailed Delight and Hurt Not. Hay Street Mall has a number of side alleys which feature artworks including Three Phase Connection by Joanna Brown. Further along at 663 is a painting by Peta Roebuck and Barry Emerald which features long arching fronds and giant fruit filled with toxic red seeds inspired by the native Zamia Palm.

The Adnate Hotel

You can spot the The Adnate Hotel mural from Wolf Lane but the actual building is located on Hay Street. Matt Adnate is an Australian street artist and the large mural depicts three faces, symbolic of the unique cultural subsets within the Perth community, Greek, Indian and Whadjuk Noongar, each significant in their own way. There are more murals in the car park and inside the hotel itself (when open).

Wolf Lane

Entering from King Street several murals are hidden behind a gated car park including Fierce by Anya Brock and Not All Pain is Bad by Andrew Frazer (bear), Retro Space Mural, Walny and Soldier.

Next you come to the colourful characters symbolising Toastface Grillah.

And then you will find the wolf by Hurben, Seahorse by Alexis Dias, the falling dancers by Hyuro, Mine Train Future (boy with remote) by Pixel Pancho, the Mahi Mahi dolphin fish by Amok, Dracula by Stormie Mills, Rat by ROA, Maya Hayuk's symmetrical colour wall and more! Spectacular!

Prince Lane

Almost the entire side of one wall along Prince Lane is covered in murals starting with the Lost Giant by Stormie Mills on the corner of Wellington Street and extending through the gorgeous murals honouring Prince Lane's connection to the fashion industry and the fabulous patterns adorning the walls of heritage buildings.

King Street

Easy to find are the colourful Daek WIlliams mural opposite His Majesty's Theatre and the abstract Anya Brock mural on Etro Cafe but head down Munster Lane to discover more. Oh and don't forget to look down along King Street as you walk the Fashion Hall of Fame.

Be sure to check out the laneway next to Head Space to discover several colourful murals by Phibs in the laneway and behind the Ibis Hotel.

William Street to Murray Street Mall Laneway (near McDonalds)

This more recent site features colourful indigenous themed artwork Gooloogoolup by Jade Dolman which represents the original Perth swamps located here prior to development. The other side of the laneway features Nathan Hoyle's Run Through and the back wall has a nature inspired work by Kyle Hughes-Odgers. The laneway leading to Murray Street Mall will take you past Waargyl, the Rainbow Serpent.

Karak Walk

This walkway links Market Grounds to Yagan Square alongside the Perth Busport.

Howard Lane

Opposite the statue of Judith on Howard Street you will find Howard Lane where you can loop around to see The Conversation and The Swing Overlooking The Field by Stormie Mills and Night Forest and Cheeky Chaps by the Yok.

Apologies for this blog being a bit messy but the murals are in every nook and cranny so it is hard to create a trail that doesn't backtrack and divert so I thought it best to arrange the murals in the area in which you can find them so that you can pick a few locations and explore. Further murals and artworks can be found at Elizabeth Quay and in Northbridge or head to my Art and About blog which provides links for mural and public art trails across the metro area. The map below shows the main concentration of murals in the CBD area.

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