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Barefoot @ Burns

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Walking barefoot along the sand on Burns Beach is one of my favourite things to do, whether it be on a mild winter's day or early morning or late afternoon in the heat of summer.

Burns Beach is not a great swimming beach - in fact it is quite a dangerous beach for swimmers - as it has lots of rocky outcrops. It is these rocky outcrops that provide interest and make each walk different from the last as you navigate the rock surfaces, wade through tidal pools or watch the waterfalls created by the waves.

You can sit on the sand while the kids make sandcastles and seaweed pictures, relaxing as you listen to the waves washing the shore or laughing at the antics of the seabirds.

Depending on the tides and the weather the kids can sit in the rock pools and feel how warm they are compared to the ocean. They can splash along chasing the waves as they ebb and flow.

You can walk as far as you are able. It is very tempting to walk all the way to the point to see what is "around the corner" and once you get there you will see you can walk all the way to Clayton's Beach in Mindarie.

Because Burns Beach is a little isolated and not suited for swimming there are very few people on it - the occasional fisherman and a handful of walkers or families sitting on the sand. This may well change once the coastal footpath is completed taking you from Burns Beach Cafe all the way to Mindarie as more people will discover this hidden treasure.

Access from the Burns Beach car park off Ocean Parade is not recommended as it is very rough and rocky and at high tide it can be impassable. Better to drive to Beachside Park off Beachside Drive where there are limited street bays for parking. From the park you can walk down the boardwalk and the stairs onto the beach.

Beachside Park has lots of grassy areas, picnic tables, BBQs and a small playground. It also features the Burns Beach Foreshore Lookout. There are no toilets here but you can follow the coastal path for a few minutes south to the toilets at the Burns Beach car park. This area is slated for development with a cafe so it won't be a secret for much longer!

At first glance Burns looks like a lovely clean beach but if you take along a bag, some tongs and a glove and keep an eagle eye out for plastics and rubbish, especially at the high tide line, you might be surprised at how much rubbish is hidden in the sand.

If you want the views without the sand between your toes try the Burns Beach Coastal Walk from Burns Beach Cafe to Iluka Foreshore Park (and beyond). This walk is extremely popular with walkers and cyclists as the path follows the undulating dunes.

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