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Best of 2020

Oh my it is so hard to choose my 5 favourite walks/hikes for 2020! In the end I chose walks and hikes that were a little off the beaten track and which were a real surprise.

These are in no particular order as they were all amazing walks. Of course the time of year can make or break a walk so I have included when I did the walk/hike so you can choose the same time of year.

Salter Point to Clontarf

This walk was undertaken in June and it was just beautiful walking along the Canning River in winter sunshine. Salter Point is a lovely spit jutting out into the river and is worth exploring but access can be subject to tides. We discovered the nature playground at Bodkin Park along the way and wished we had brought a picnic as the picnic area at Sandon Park is so stunningly scenic. We covered many kilometres on this day but you can break this up into two walks or just enjoy one.

To find out more about these trails go to:

Ashfield Flats

What a charming surprise as you wander the boardwalks through samphire flats. We did this walk in June after some wet winter weather. The water levels are dependant on rainfall so after some rain (but not too much) is a great time to visit. Walking alongside the Swan River is always good for the soul.

Read all about Ashfield Flats and it's surrounds at:

FR BERRY Reserve

Hidden away at the back of Gidgegannup this is a lovely walk through the bush to some great rock formations where the brook cascades over the red rocks. The wildflowers were abundant in August and we even spotted a couple of orchids. This is a more isolated area with no mobile reception so you really do feel as though you have escaped the city!

Read the full account at:

Urban Art in South Fremantle

The art was amazing and you don't have to walk too far to see a good fact all you need to do is walk around the East West Design Building. What added to the walk was the vibe of people walking their dogs to and from the beach and hearing different languages being spoken. Vespas and lots of cafes added to the European feel felt like a mini overseas holiday! We did this walk in July but as an urban trail it could be done at any time. If it is a warm day there is always the beach across the road to cool you down!

To read the full blog go to:

Coal Seam Dam and the Midland Railway Workshops

This walk was done in January so it was reasonably warm. We had no expectations as we explored the old Railway Workshops which have been restored and redeveloped as a heritage precinct. There is plenty of history to read about as you wander through but what made this walk interesting for us were the sculptures and other urban art we discovered along the way. To top it off was Coal Seam Dam which was a pleasant surprise. We actually returned another day to walk the Heritage Trail through the Town Centre and in search of more artworks.

To read the full account of our exploration go to:

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