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Jackadder Lake

This is another popular walk that pops up on some of the best of lists. Located in Woodlands, Jackadder Lake is another one of the lakes forming the string of wetlands running through Perth.

It is a small lake and the walk around is 1.3km which will take around 20 minutes to complete.

There are paved paths ideal for scooters, bikes or wheelchairs or you can choose to walk along the lakes edge on the grassed areas. If you are really keen you can try some of the exercise equipment around the lake.

There are ample grassed areas for setting down a picnic rug or for kicking a ball around.

There are several parking areas on the lake front and some have picnic shelters and barbecue facilities. The shaded playground is suitable for all ages and has toilets nearby.

The small island in the lake is a haven for birdlife and there were plenty of birds about including masses of Corellas roosting in the trees around the lake. Some were even having a dip in the lake from a stick perch.

It is important to note that the lake is not fenced so you will need to keep an eye on the kids.

Opposite the lake is a shopping centre with the very popular Bada Bing Cafe and a 3 Sheets restaurant so this is a great place to have something to eat and then try to walk it off!

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