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Secret Gnome Garden

Shh! Don't let this secret out! Nestled in a copse of trees along the waterfront of North Cottesloe is the Secret Gnome Garden. This delightful hidden "garden" between Marine Parade and Little Marine Parade is a delightful discovery for both children and adults.

We discovered the Secret Gnome Garden on our Cottesloe to Swanbourne walk. Walking along the coast keep an eye out for an unusual house. Cross the road to explore the bushy bit and you will encounter a path leading into the Secret Gnome Garden. Main access is from Little Marine Parade.

Make sure you have your take away coffee to hand as the kids will want to spend some time exploring this amazing space which has so much to discover.

Years of work has gone into turning this small piece of bush into a toy wonderland. There is just so much to see! Upcycling at it's ultimate best!

While you are in Cottesloe explore the coast north from Cottesloe to Swanbourne or south from Cottesloe to Mosman Beach. If you need a walk in the bush head to Melon Hill and the Allen Park Heritage Precinct.

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