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South Perth Lakes

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Are you aware of the wetland lakes in South Perth? Set back from the foreshore cycle and walking paths in Clydesdale Reserve these beautiful lakes often go unnoticed.

There are no paved paths around the lakes but the lovely grass is green and relatively flat so should be accessible for prams and wheelchairs. There are two boardwalks so you can either walk all the way around the outside of the lakes or loop around in a figure 8 to take in the boardwalks. The walk around should only take about 30 minutes depending on how often you stop to watch the antics of the various waterbirds!

The city views, directly across the river, are absolutely stunning! Take a seat on this bench for views to the city on one side and over the lakes on the other!

Closest access to the lakes is from the Coode Street Jetty parking area. There are public toilets set back from the foreshore (they are tiny though and a real squeeze to get in with the door open!) or you can access the toilets behind the Boatshed Restaurant at the jetty itself. There is a large shaded playground and swings at Coode St.

You can explore these lakes on their own or extend your walk along the foreshore downriver to the Scented Gardens and Mends St Jetty (just over 1km and a 15 minute walk each way) or further still to Miller's Pool at the Narrows (2km and a 30 minute walk each way). You can also explore upriver towards the Causeway (approx 3km each way).

We completed a full loop walk from Millers Pool (the Old Mill) along the foreshore to South Perth Lakes and then headed back along Mill Point Rod via Windsor Park. The full 8km loop walk took us just over 2 hours.

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