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Woodman Point

Updated: Jan 28

After walking from the Omeo Wreck to Coogee Beach Reserve we continued on to explore Woodman Point. Woodman Point has a rich history as a quarantine station and ammunition store and you can see part of this heritage as you move through the reserve.

From Coogee Beach Reserve the shared use path runs alongside the Coogee Beach Holiday Park, which, judging by the lovely gardens, seems to have mostly long term residents (lucky people!) The path splits as you approach Poore Grove and you can divert to the Coogee Beach SLSC which has beach access and a pirate ship themed playground, shaded in summer. There is also a cafe, barbecues and picnic tables, a small grassy area and loads of parking.

There are two paved pathways heading south from here and we took the one running parallel to the beach. You could also walk this section along the beach which, in hindsight, would be much prettier as the paved path only offers very occasional glimpses across the water. The shared use path skirts the Woodman Point Park Playground and as you come to a T intersection you can choose to turn left towards the playground and the Woodman Point Kiosk or turn right, as we did, to head to Ammo Jetty,

From the Jetty we continued along the paved path which meandered through coastal scrub land. There was a side track giving access to the fenced Woodman Point Nature Reserve but we didn't venture in. There are also a number of access tracks to the beach so you could mix it up and walk along the beach for a while. We considered walking on the beach but as there was a chilly wind blowing across the water we opted for the sheltered path. The beach stretches for around 4km from the Omeo Wreck all the way to the point. Personally if I did this again I would definitely walk on the beach and leave the path to the cyclists.

The path crosses over Woodman Point View (the road) and if you turn right the path leads you along the point to Woodman Spit. You can see how calm the protected waters are north of the spit, compared to the choppy water of Jervoise Bay. The path to the spit takes about 30 minutes and is not terribly exciting. Again I think cycling would be fine or just drive up and park at any of the several car parks then hop out to look at the statue and the rocky spit (which has a feel of the Titanic to it!)

We trudged back along the dual use path which passes between the road and the dog beach, which is also popular with kite surfers. At one point we were startled by movement in a bush (snakes do live here!) but it was only a little bird. I stopped to take some photos as it was nice and close then realised it's foot was caught. I managed to set it free which felt rewarding. Further along a djiti djiti (Willy Wagtail) swooped around us so there must have been a nest nearby.

We were hoping to wander through the historic Quarantine Station, now the Woodman Point Recreation Camp, but the path completely skirted this (we should have checked our map and detoured back to the road or backtracked along the road). There is a heritage trail explaining the history of the former station and a trail map is available from the camp office, however, I'm not sure if the general public is allowed access. Something to research and return another time if it is possible to look around.

As the path diverted around the boat storage and boat ramp area (there are toilets here) it crossed O'Kane Court and continued past beautiful old tuart trees, skirting the Woodman Point Caravan Park. Eventually we arrived back at the Woodman Point Park Playground at John Graham Reserve. There is lots of parking here and there are picnic and barbecue facilities, toilets and the playground as well as the Kiosk. You can access the beach and Ammo Jetty from here so it is a great spot to combine a picnic, a play and a trip to the beach.

The path continues back past the SLSC to Coogee Beach Reserve. If you look carefully you might see remnants of the old railway spur line which ran from the munitions reserve to Fremantle Harbour.

Time and Distance:

Coogee Beach Reserve to Ammo Jetty or the Playground at John Graham Reserve - 1 km each way (15 minutes walk).

Ammo Jetty or playground to the end of Woodman Point - 2.3km (30 minutes walk)

Woodman Point to Boat Ramps - 2.3km (30 minute walk)

Boat Ramps to Playground or Ammo Jetty - 2km (25 minute walk)

Ammo Jetty or Playground to Coogee Beach Reserve - 1km (15 minute walk)

TOTAL LOOP - 8.6km and 2 hours.


I think these paths are more suited to cycling (for older kids) than walking as there is not a lot of interest along the way. Cycling means you can cover the distance between points of interest more quickly and the paths are flat so it would be an easy ride. If you wanted to take younger kids just head to the playground and explore the beach and the jetty from there.

Alternatively book a spot at one of the caravan parks for a weekend and explore at your leisure by foot, bike or car depending on what you want to see. The cycle path goes all the way into Fremantle, 9 km away so there are plenty of options for longer bike rides with older kids.

Check out Nature Play WA for more things to do at Woodman Point.

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