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10th Light Horse Heritage Trail Wanneroo

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

We set out at on an overcast day with the birds screeching loudly to warn us of the rain and storm expected later that day. Access to the Trail is from a carpark on Wanneroo Road just north of the Hester Avenue intersection. There are several parking bays but no picnic or toilet facilities. The car park also allows access to the longer Yaberoo Budjara Trail.

Whilst there is signage on the 10th Light Horse Heritage Trail sometimes it is not very clear which direction you need to go, especially where there are three or four way intersections. There are also a lot of other small tracks leading off the main track. For once we hadn't brought a map and we did manage a wrong turn at one point. Fortunately this trail came to a dead end alongside the fence bordering Wanneroo Road and we were able to retrace our steps. The traffic noise on Wanneroo Road is ever present but it also allows you to get your bearings. There are no sweeping views on this trail but you do get a sense of being immersed in the bush.

The trail took about 30 minutes to walk and had interesting signage along the way relating to how the camps were set up for the 10th Light Horse during WWII.

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