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Wetlands Trail Yanchep National Park

Updated: Jun 12

NOTE: Due to devastating bush fires in December 2019 the Wetlands Trail is under repair. Please check with the park on current conditions. The Loch McNess picnic areas, koala enclosure, cafe and Yanchep Inn were saved are are open for business.

The Wetlands Walk Trail is a 2.6km loop trail around Loch McNess in Yanchep National Park. If you walk down the path from the Visitor's Centre to the lake you can turn right or left to find the trail represented by a bulrushes icon on the trail markers. We did the trail in a clockwise direction heading past the old boat and raindrop sculpture in the picnic area. If you do this as a regular walk it would be interesting to reverse the direction to get a different perspective. As with all wetlands area the walk is peaceful and cool. It will take at least 40 minutes to complete.

The trail is generally flat and well maintained however there are some obstacles such as tree branches in a couple of spots. As we walked around we could hear waterbirds, frogs, crickets and the occasional kookaburra. As always around wetland areas be aware of snakes and make sure you are scanning the path ahead, especially in spring. Along the way we noticed lots of different things which you could turn into a spotto game for the kids to look out for along the way. Click on the images below to see our suggestions. Maybe add in snakes so that they are looking where they are stepping - just in case!

Yanchep National Park is a fabulous park offering several short walking trails up to 4.5km as well as some longer trails such as the Ghost House Trail which is 12.5 kms. There are also extended trails available which take days to complete. There are plenty of picnic facilities including barbecues and toilet facilities. There are some interesting buildings to visit such as the McNess House Visitor Centre, The Yanchep Inn, Gloucester Lodge Museum and Chocolate Drops Tearooms, where you can buy delicious homemade chocolates! There are a couple of ovals - Henry White Oval is available for camping and Bull Banksia Oval has football posts so you can have a kick around but mind out for the kangaroos. There are lots of limestone caves in the park so it is important to stay on the trails. Crystal Cave and some of the other caves are open for tours which can be booked at the Visitor Centre. There is also a 9 hole golf course. Yanchep is a favourite place to bring overseas visitors as there are always plenty of kangaroos around and the Koala Boardwalk enclosure offers great koala viewing.

There is a $15 per car entrance fee to access Yanchep National park or you can purchase a WA National Parks Pass or Local Parks Pass to access multiple parks .

See blogs on the Dwerta Mia Trail and the Woodlands Trail within Yanchep National Park.

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