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Bell's Rapids

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

EDIT: The February 2021 Woorooloo Fire has severely impacted this area. Please seek updated information before accessing this trail.

A favourite place for Perth people to go walking and no wonder. There is plenty of parking available although best to get there early (before 11) on a sunny weekend as the bays are not marked and it can be a bit of a free for all. There is a toilet block and a few benches but no picnic or barbecue facilities. Lots of families set up their own chairs and bbq (fire bans permitting) next to the car park and settle in for the day.

This is a favourite place for people to walk their dogs, both on and off lead and you will never see so many happy dogs enjoying the great outdoors! With dogs come doggie poos though so you do need to watch where you step.

From the lower car park we walked along the rivers edge on a rough path. There is a better path a little higher up which does not entail so much scrambling over rocks. We were lucky though as we came across two kids playing with a raft. After a little while you come to the bridge and cross over with views upstream to calm water and downstream to rapids. If you are lucky you will see some kayakers practicing for the Avon Descent.

The Goat Walk and River Walk Trails both start on the other side of the bridge. Turn right for the Goat Walk or left for the River Walk. The Goat Walk is about 3km long and will take about an hour. It includes a few very steep ascents and descents but the trail is wide and rocky so it is easy to keep your footing. The Goat Walk eventually comes back down and takes in the River Walk for the last one kilometer or so traversing alongside the Swan River.

The River Walk is mostly flat but the path can be quite narrow and in many places you will need to negotiate rocks. The lovely view over the rapidly flowing river makes up for the discomfort and of course the kids think this is the best part of the adventure!

The River Walk can be unstable immediately alongside the river so do take care.

Around the bridge there are many rocks for the kids to clamber over to get close to the water. Water levels vary considerably between winter and summer so you will need to assess the risks on the day of your visit.

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