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Baldwins Bluff and Serpentine Falls

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Baldwins Bluff is a challenging 6 km loop trail starting at Serpentine Falls then heading steeply uphill before levelling out on the ridge and offering stunning views across the valley to Serpentine Falls on one side and across the Swan Coastal Plain on the other side.

We completed this trail at the end of the Kitty's Gorge one way hike from Jarrahdale to Serpentine Falls. There is a turn off from the Kitty's Gorge Trail before you get to the Falls.

The trail starts with an 800m steep climb on a narrow, rough, rocky and slippery trail so it is not for the faint hearted.

Once you have conquered the incline the trail levels out. Turn right at the top and follow the trail along the ridge through jarrah and marri woodlands. This area is fabulous for wildflowers in Spring so keep an eye out especially for smaller flowers like orchids.

You will come to a rocky area where you can take in the view across the Serpentine Valley and the magnificent falls. Watch your footing here though as there are steep drops.

Continue along the trail and you will come to the trailhead where there is a large rock cairn, playfully decorated with stick arms, watching over the expanse of the Swan Coastal Plain below.

Head back the same way along the trail which is single file some of the way and wide enough to walk side by side in other parts. Keep an eye out for echidnas as they are often sighted on this trail! The climb down is much easier than up but can be slippery with loose stones so take it slow and steady.

Once at the base of this trail continue downhill to the road into the Serpentine Falls carpark.

There is an entry fee payable to enter Serpentine National Park ($15 per car) unless you have prepurchased a national park pass (single park or multi park is available). The Falls picnic area offers stunning views of the falls and a large natural rock pool (generally it is not advisable to swim here due to poor water quality). There are toilets, picnic facilities, barbecues and plenty of kangaroos for company.

Please be aware that like all national parks Serpentine National Park can be closed at short notice due to bushfire or other dangers. Gates to the carpark open at 8.30am and close at 5pm. Once the park has gained capacity (often around 10am) the park will be closed to new visitors so get there early!

Having done the 7 km one way Kittys Gorge Trail from Jarrahdale with the 6km Baldwin's Bluff loop added on we were pleased to have a car parked at the falls to shuttle us back to Jarrahdale.

If you have time there are plenty of other things to do in and around Jarrahdale and Serpentine.

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