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Mabel Talbot Park Jolimont

We parked in the carpark on Maddox Lane off Jersey Street in Jolimont. This car park is alongside Henderson Park playing fields so parking may be tricky if games are being played.

Mabel Talbot is ideal if you have a multi aged family as the playing fields, the basketball hoop or the flat grassy areas can keep older children busy while you and the younger ones play on one of the two playgrounds. The whole family can enjoy a short 30 minute walk, scooter or cycle around Jolimont Lake. The limestone path immediately around the lake is flat enough for prams and bikes and there are also smoother paved paths around the perimeter of the park .

Sections of the lake have fencing but most of the lake is unfenced. Large trees provide plenty of shade and there are several viewing platforms where you can look out over Jolimont lake.

Starting from Maddox Lane we came across an interesting sculpture before beginning our walk around the lake in a clockwise direction.

On the opposite side of the lake there is a small pirate themed playground with benches, barbecues, a drink fountain and grassy areas for ball games.

As you follow the path around the lake you come to a bench in memory of Granny Clara Layland.......a great place to sit and reflect as you gaze across the lake.

Far away on the left we spotted what looked like another mysterious and scary sculpture but it was only a fallen log. Beyond this is a great little ninja style nature playground with ropes and beams.

There are no toilet facilities at Mabel Talbot Park however the club rooms attached to Henderson Park may be open during training or games.

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