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Burswood Heritage Sculpture Trail

Updated: Apr 10

Burswood Park is home to a unique collection of bronze sculptures celebrating Perth's historical figures. The sculptures have been designed and produced by artists Joan and Charles Smith. Make sure you get up close and look at the intricate details and facial expressions of the sculptures.

The Heritage Sculpture Trail meanders through the park and along the riverfront showcasing the bronze sculptures and other public works and landmarks. It is an easy 30-45 minute walk and is fully accessible.

Download the Heritage Sculpture Trail map and visit today!


Swan Fountain

The Swan Fountain depicts five bronze swans emerging nine metres into the air from their nest in the centre of Citizen of the Year Lake. Swan Fountain was designed as a major landmark for Perth in recognition of the Citizen of the Year Award. The sculpture seeks to express the 'spirit of place'.


Henry Camfield

Henry Camfield stands two metres tall on on the land he called 'Burrswood'. The English settler, who almost starved to death attempting to turn this land into an English garden, leans on his shovel in helpless despair. His weary demeanour captures the sense of hopelessness that enveloped the early 19th Century migrants, who clung to the sandy edges of the new continent.


Paddy Hannan

In contrast to Henry Camfield, this sculpture of pioneer Paddy Hannan is symbolic of hope when the discovery of gold put Western Australia on the map in the late 1890s. Epitomising the sense of determination to overcome the odds which enabled the 'barrowmen' to conquer their hunger, thirst and weariness ahead of their journey east to Kalgoorlie, he demonstrates the qualities of the 'Aussie battler'.


Willem de Vlamingh

The voyage of Captain Willem de Vlamingh to the unknown 'South Land' in 1696 was one of the earliest European attempts to make contact with the Australian continent. The first European to officially arrive on our soil, Willem de Vlamingh is depicted striding ashore at the edge of the Swan River.

The Dutch navigator, who mapped the coast of Western Australia, is shown at the moment of encountering the Black Swan, after whom he named the Swan River. Each startled by each other, they are frozen in bronze at that moment in time, 12 January 1697.

The sculpture was unveiled in January 1997 as a tribute to early Dutch seafarers and in commemoration of the 300th anniversary of de Vlamingh's naming of the Swan River.


Oushi Zokei Sculpture

The two metre spanish black granite Oushi Zokei Sculpture was purchased from the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition. It beautifully frames the buildings of Perth CBD.



This whimsical tableau of three children playing the time-honoured game of Hopscotch captures the mood of a bygone age and forms an historic link to the past. The sculpture, designed to coincide with the Year of the Family in 1994, is also an interactive artwork just waiting for you to join the game as you take the heritage trail!


This beautiful sculpture on the banks of the Swan shows Dame Mary Durack, the Australian historian and author, engaged in a dialogue with her 'young self' - taking on the role of ancestor and passing on the history of Western Australia through her play, The Swan River Saga (1976).


Sister City plaque

The Japanese city of Kagoshima entered into a sister-city relationship with Perth to promote goodwill and peace. Kagoshima Park Gardens is a living symbol of this bond and is commemorated by this plaque within the park.


The Sound of Earth Seat

Made from granite, the hollowed-out areas of The Sound of Earth Seat are used to create sound. Visitors can feel the tonal reverberations on the inner walls of the seat.


Swan Shell

The graceful Swan Shell soars 22 metres above the surrounding parklands reflecting the movement of a swan in flight. It is a landmark for visitors and a popular venue for weddings, concerts and outdoor events.

Shelley Taylor-Smith commemorative plaque

Western Australian marathon swimmer, Shelley Taylor-Smith, won gold at the 1991 World Swimming Championships in the inaugural 25-kilometre distance race which commenced and finished on the Burswood Park foreshore. A commemorative plaque now stands on the banks of the Swan River, and features a reproduction of a Western Australian newspaper picture that was taken as Taylor-Smith exited the water after her outstanding swim.


Keeping the Flame Alight' Olympic statue

** Please note this sculpture has been temporarily removed from display **

Cast in bronze and standing 3.3 metres tall, this sculpture captures the Olympic spirit. It was commissioned in 2000 - the year of the 27th Olympiad, held in Sydney in September the same year.


Harry Vardon

** Please note this sculpture has been temporarily removed from display **

The form of Harry Vardon captures the essence of the game of golf while celebrating both the great golfer himself and the history of the sport at Burswood Park.

The gardens in themselves are beautiful to walk through with shady pathways, bridges and a waterfall.

Parking is available off Resort Drive. Picnic tables, barbecues and toilets are available.

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