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Braithwaite Park, Mt Hawthorn

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

This park offers two playgrounds within the one fenced area - a large nature play area separated from the traditional playground by a large open grassed area suitable for gentle ball games. The Mt Hawthorn Community sits in between and has toilet facilities. There are barbecues and picnic benches near the toddler playground. Officially Braithwaite Park is at 197 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn however the park is bordered by the Boulevard, Berryman Street and Kalgoorlie Street all of which have parking bays.

The semi shaded nature playground has been designed for 10-14 years old and according to Nature Play WA " the landscape architects on Braithwaite Park have done a brilliant job of balancing the twin requirements of trying to achieve fun risk in play for older children, whilst maintaining a safe space for younger kids"

There is a double flying fox,

water play and creeks,

teepee cubbys,

tunnels and rock mounds,

rope bridges and forts

a slide and log steppers,

high ropes climbing net (kids have to climb up the poles to get to the nets),

and a bird's nest swing.

The large mature trees around the borders of the park offer a further invitation for kids to climb and explore.

The well shaded traditional playground on the Berryman Street side is well suited to younger children.

If you feel like a meal or a cuppa head into Mt Hawthorn and enjoy the street art along the way.

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