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Urban Art @ Mt Hawthorn

Mt Hawthorn has lots of urban art packed into a small area so is ideal for a quick art walk. With loads of cafes and eateries, not to mention the Paddington Ale House, along this strip of Scarborough Beach Road and the fabulous shady Braithwaite Park nature playground a short distance away this is a great option to fill half a day with nature and culture.

We parked undercover at the Mezz and then walked out onto Flinders Street passing the colourful mural on the outside. Later we also spotted another colourful mural inside the Mezz complex.

Follow Scarborough Beach Road west, turning right at Coogee Street to see the beautiful wren behind The Cabin then cross the road to see the art on Humblebee Coffee. Retrace your steps back to Scarborough Beach Road. How cute is the little parklet outside the Leaf and Bean Coffee Shop?

Cross over Scarborough Beach Road and head to the art wall - this location is difficult to describe but essentially is the carpark on the western side of Coogee Street north of Glyde Street. From hills hoists to whales, Wom - Bats to sugar gliders and more....

It took us a while to figure out the tag on Robert Jenkins mural - reading backwards to reveal the Black Mountains...

Follow the laneway through to Coogee Street and cross over to walk through the carpark behind IGA. We were lucky enough to get a peek into Neighbourhood Pizza with it's unpunctuated message wall which was very tricky to read! Must be a Mt Hawthorn theme - backwards writing and no punctuation!

Heading up Anvil Lane you will see Hayley Welsh's signature creatures and her message "help others achieve their dream and you will achieve yours".

Follow Scarborough Beach Road east to the corner of Flinders Street where George Domahidy's vintage art work is "a historical depiction of the local community, completed for Tredways shoe store and the City of Vincent".

If you access the al fresco area at the Paddington Ale House look for some famous West Coast Eagles in amongst the canals of Venice.

Turn down Fairfield Street and walk around the back of the Paddington Ale House and on into the laneway beyond to see Deej's girl with octopus hair and Melski's Matheson's Tramways on the rear of Bites by D.

There is a very modern COVID safe mural on the side of Fields of Vincent and next door the walls pay homage to war heroes and Anzac Cottage, built in one day on 12 February 1916, and located nearby on Kalgoorlie Street.

Up high you can see artwork on the side of a modern building just before passing the historic Telstra building with it's Paul Deej artwork capturing the old and new ways of telephoning.

A new mural on Oxford Street is colourful compared to the muted tones of the wedding mural across the road.

Any further down Oxford Street and you cross into Leederville which is a whole other art walk!

This art walk covers a loop of around 1km and took about an hour. If you want to add the walk up to Braithwaite Park from Coogee Street you will walk closer to 2kms.

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